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To set up an email client manually. Typically, you will need to specify the following settings:

  • Username. In this field, specify your full email address. For example,
  • Password. Most likely, the password to your email account.
  • Mail server protocol. This property defines whether you want to keep copies of messages on the server or not. To keep the copies on the server, select the IMAP option. If you do not want to keep them on the server, select POP3. Selecting IMAP will also allow you to train the SpamAssassin spam filter on email messages you receive, if SpamAssassin is enabled on the server.
  • Incoming mail server (POP3/IMAP). Type in your issued Mail Server Hostname.* For example, The POP3 port is 110. The IMAP port is 143.
  • Outgoing mail server (SMTP). Type in your issued Mail Server Hostname. * This hostname can be found in the Plesk Control Panel. For example, The SMTP port is 25. This server requires authentication.

* To see the settings necessary for setting up an email client, go to Websites & Domains in your Windows Plesk Control Panel> the domain whose email you want to access via an email client > Mail Accounts > the  icon.

SmarterMail Server Settings for Email Clients

Supported incoming mail protocols

Supported outgoing mail protocols

To connect via POP3 securely over SSL/TLS, use port 995.

To connect via IMAP securely over SSL/TLS, use port 993.

To send messages via SMTP securely, use port 465.


Note: We force a secure TLS connection on ports 25 and 110.

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