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We're sorry to see you go. If there is anything we can do to keep you as a customer, please let us know. Please don't feel like you have to cancel your account. Contact us via Support Ticket or Live Chat so we can find a solution that works for you. To help protect your account from accidental or unauthorized deletion, we have specific procedures for canceling services with Adaptive Web Hosting.

Before canceling, it is essential to know what exactly you want to cancel in your account. Are you canceling a hosting plan? Or a domain name, perhaps? Is that your addon you're looking to cancel? For example, If you registered a domain name through us, cancellation of your hosting plan doesn't cancel your domain name and vice versa.

You can either cancel your account or hosting plan immediately or at the end of your current hosting term.

  1. Login to your Customer Portal.

  2. Click on Services in the top left area. 

  3. Click on which service you would like to cancel. 

  4. Now click on Request Cancellation in the left menu.

  5. Finally, briefly describe why you are cancelling, select whether you want to cancel immediately or at the end of your current term (Turn off Recurring Billing) and then click the Request Cancellation button. 


Note 1: After your initial 30 days there are no refunds for unused time.

Note 2: Domain name registration and renewal fees are not refundable. Domain name cancellation will cancel at the end of the domain name term.

Note 3: If canceling within your first 30 days, please allow 15 business days for a refund.

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