Adaptive Web Hosting Now Supports WordPress 6.2 with FREE Auto Installs on Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Wednesday, 29th March, 2023
  • 19:27pm

We are thrilled to announce that Adaptive Web Hosting now offers full support for the revolutionary WordPress 6.2! As the first major release of 2023, this update introduces over 900 enhancements and fixes, providing an unparalleled, user-friendly experience.

To make things even better, we're offering FREE auto installs of WordPress 6.2 on all our Managed WordPress Hosting plans! Let us handle the installation process while you focus on creating a stunning website. Our expert team is on standby to help you explore the new features and ensure ongoing maintenance for a hassle-free upgrade or install.

Stay ahead in the digital world by upgrading or installing WordPress 6.2 today, and experience the future of web development with Adaptive Web Hosting!

Check out our Managed WordPress Hosting plans at

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