Do you instantly activate my account? Why is my account pending or marked as fraud? Print

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Most new hosting accounts are activated within a few minutes. Each new Adaptive Web Hosting account must go through an approval process before any hosting or registration services can be used.  This checks the account setup details to ensure that the information is legitimate and to protect against fraudulent accounts. 

When an account’s status shows as “Pending” for more than a few hours after signup, this means that the automated approval system was not able to approve the account on its own. This may indicate an issue with either your payment details, or the signup process may have been incomplete. There are several reasons why your account may still be pending. For example:

  • Some of the information you provided did not match the credit card details you entered, so the system checks to ensure that this is not fraud.
  • The signup process did not finish or you may not have completed the signup form, therefore only your UserID was created.
  • It can take a few hours for the automated approval system to process your request if there are many other pending new accounts to process at the same time.
  • Your order may require a manual review by a human being being before activation.

Adaptive Web Hosting utilizes FraudLabs Pro to screen its customers. FraudLabs Pro performs a comprehensive fraud validation on all elements such as geolocation, proxy, email, credit card, transaction velocity and others to unveil fraud orders accurately.

If your order is marked as fraud, please allow us time to validate the order as it could be a false positive given the strict rules that are in place. You will receive a Hosting Account Welcome Email once the order has been verified.

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