Core-to-Core: Converting a Framework-Dependent App to Self-Contained in Visual Studio 2017 Below are instructions on how to change a Framework-Dependent .NET Core application to a... Do you host my email? Adaptive does not host personal email inboxes at this time. Why not? Well, we believe strongly... Error when accessing a WCF service: "This collection already contains an address with scheme http. There can be at most one address per scheme in this collection." For ASP.NET 4.X, add the following lines to your web.config: <system.serviceModel>... HTTP Error 500.35 - ANCM Multiple In-Process Applications in same Process You receive the error message HTTP Error 500.35 - ANCM Multiple In-Process Applications in same... How do I deploy a Blazor application? Open your visual studio 2019 then click "Create a new project" option to create a new project... How do I send SMTP Email from my web site? At this time we block Port 25 and 587 SMTP traffic from our network for security and stability of... How to connect to MariaDB MySQL with ASP.NET %@ import namespace="System.Data" %> <%@ import namespace="" %>... How to query an SQL 2019 database with the .NET SQL Data Provider in ASP.NET <%@ import namespace="" %> <Script runat="server"> Sub... Installed .NET Core Runtimes .NET Core versions currently supported:   .NET Core versions supporting framework-dependent... Managing File Permissions using the Plesk File Manager If you are getting permission denied errors on your website, it's possible that you need to allow... Publishing an ASP.NET Core Web App to Adaptive Web Hosting 1. Create a Database In the Adaptive Web Hosting Plesk control panel, create a MSSQL database.... Upgrade ASP.NET Core Web 3.1 app to ASP.NET Core 5 To Upgrade ASP.NET Core Web 3.1 app to ASP.NET Core 5, follow these steps. Download and... What OS is used on your Windows web servers? For ASP.NET, .NET Core, and SQL 2019 Hosting Plans we utilize Windows 2019 Datacenter Servers.
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